Current hours & videos

Crawford Bay, home to a diverse group of Artisans, (craftspeople) is a small community on Kootenay Lake in southeast British Columbia.  Our unique, even quirky studios are within easy walking distance from each other. Watch us work, ask questions and purchase directly. Located on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, we are 80 km north of Creston on Hwy 3A, and 5 Km from the Kootenay Bay Free Ferry.


CURRENT HOURS  – we can also be contacted individually any time                 
Barefoot Handweaving OPEN often, hours vary, call ahead 250-227-9655
Kootenay Forge – OPEN often, hours vary, call ahead 250-227-9466 or 9467
FireWorks Copper Enamel  OPEN often, hours vary, call ahead 250-227-9467
Moonrakings Clay Art OPEN often, hours vary, call ahead 250-227-9467
North Woven Broom OPEN often, hours vary, call ahead 250-227-9245
Dog Patch Pottery OPEN often, Wed-Sunday 10-4 at least, call 250-354-3159 
La Gala Jewelry Closed until May, email only.
Black Salt Cafe – Culinary Art   Closed until May, email only.
And our Artistic friends:
Norse Arts (New) – OPEN in new location close to North Woven Broom 250-663-9100
Mervin Robertson Woodworking  – email or phone 250-551-8800
Lake LeathersClosed for the winter –  email only.
Flickering Goddess Soap – July and August only
Circle of Friends (Riondel) – July and August only

Here is another short video about our area:

In addition to the Artisans, Crawford Bay (population approx. 400) also has three full service campgrounds, a motel, 2 B&B, 2 pubs, the Artisan cafe, a bakery, a sandy beach, a championship golf course, hiking trails and the famous Yasodhara Ashram nearby.
All are open from July and August, and most are open from April thru October or even all year. Winter hours can vary, but we can be reached year round through our websites or email.