Artisans of Crawford Bay

COVID 19 –  we are opening, with increased awareness of sanitation and safety protocols.
please use kindness and respect when visiting 

Crawford Bay, home to a diverse group of Artisans, (craftspeople) is a small community on Kootenay Lake in southeast British Columbia.  Our unique, even quirky studios (look for log, strawbale and an ex-bootleggers building) are within easy walking distance from each other. Watch us work, ask questions and purchase directly. Located on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, we are 7 Km from the Kootenay Bay Free Ferry.

CURRENT HOURS are flexible, call ahead
North Woven BroomOpen lots  Shipping
250-777-3305 or 1-866-471-1117
Barefoot Handweaving Open lots Shipping
250-227-9655 or 1-866-931-8464 
Dog Patch PotteryOpen lots 250-354-3159

Forge & Furnace Gallery Open Friday – Sunday 11-4 pm
Located in this building are:
     Kootenay Forge 

     250-227-9466 or 1-877-461-9466
      FireWorks Copper Enamel 250-227-9467
Black Salt Cafe – Culinary Art Closed until June
 La Gala Jewelry)Closed for now  250-551-0722

And our Artistic friends:

Norse Arts in new location across from the Crawford Bay Market
Starbelly Jam Music Festival
Flickering Goddess Soap
Seena Bees Soap Shop (Riondel)  250-225-1915

Circle of Friends
Arrowsmith Gallery  (Boswell) 250 223-8177

Here is another short video about our area:

In addition to the Artisans, Crawford Bay also has two full service campgrounds, a motel, Historic Wedgwood Manor a B&B, a pubs, the Artisan cafe, a bakery, a sandy beach, a championship golf course, hiking trails and the famous Yasodhara Ashram nearby.
We can be reached year round through our websites or email.